Fantastic Natural Untreated Gem Sparkly Cabochon Moonstone Beads Bracelet from India - 7.5" - 13.5 Grams

Natural glow from Inside Gem quality natural untreated Moonstone 7.5" Bracelet beads from India. The beads measuring 8mm.
Moonstones are technically known as an Orthoclase Feldspar. Moonstone displays the shimmer and gleam known as adularescence.
In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, it was called Chandrakanta, meaning 'beloved of the moon'. This gem is like frozen moonbeams filled with joyful spirits.
Those born in June are lucky to have the beautiful Moonstone as their birthstone (Walter Schumann "Gemstones of the World").
Location: Southern India
Size: Adjustable between 6 - 7.5"
Weight: 13.5 Grams combined