Gem from A Poem by Goethe!! Orange - Red Carnelian Sterling Silver Ring - 4.4 Grams - Size 7.75

Beautiful round shaped cabochon of warm orange - red Carnelian (a reddish variety of Chalcedony) ring set in sterling silver 925.
Iron impurities give this Chalcedony its orange coloring and it ranges all the way from light golden yellows to almost red hues.
A poem by Goethe, Germany's greatest writer and scientist.
Carnelian is a talisman.
It brings good luck to child and man;
It drives away all evil things,
To thee and thine protection brings.
From such a gem a woman gains
Sweet hope and comfort in her pains.

Location: Androy, Madagascar
Size: 7.75; stone - 12mm in diameter
Weight: 4.4 Grams