Inside the Arctic Circle!! Rare Glendonite Crystal Silver Pendant from Russia - 1.3" - 9.50 Grams

This is a very cool Glendonite silver pendant with points sticking out from all ends in perfect condition!
Glendonite is a calcite pseudomorph after Ikaite.
Ikaite is the hexahydrate form of calcium carbonate. It forms in very steep or spiky pyramidal crystals, often radially arranged, of varied sizes from thumbnail to gigantic spurs. It is only found in a metastable state, and decomposes rapidy by losing most of its water content once removed from near-freezing water. This 'melting mineral' is more commonly known through its pseudomorphs. True Ikaite is currently found in Greenland and Antarctica. The common denominator for Ikaite growth and it's pseudomorphs is cold temperatures. Our Glendonite specimens are from the Kola Peninsula in northwestern Russia and is inside the Arctic Circle, where warmest temperatures range from 14 degrees in January to 52 degrees in July.
Location: Kola Peninsula, Russia.
Size: 3.2 Centimeters long with bail
Weight: 9.50 Grams Combined