Large Andalusite (Variety of Chiastolite) 18mm Squared Beads Dangle 925 Silver Leverback Earrings from China

Large natural Andalusite (Variety of Chiastolite) 18mm squared Beads Dangle 925 Silver Leverback Earrings from China.
Andalusite Stones contain as inclusions of black material, which carbonaceous, arranged in such a way as to give a cross-like figure in cross-sections of crystals. Because of the shape of the figure exhibited by these crystals, this variety was early called chiastolite, and was valued as a sacred charm.
Andalusite alters readily to kaolin, muscovite, and sillimanite.
Earrings is handmaded and can be customised upon request.
(Some Imperfections due to the size of stone).
Location: Hunan Provinc, China
Size: 4.2 Centimeter in length including leverback (1.7 inches)
Weight: 11.0 Grams Combined