Lot of 25 Rare Saffordite Cintamani Stone Pseudotektites from Arizona USA - 250 Carats - 50 grams

Natural and very rare lot of 20-30 Saffordite pseudotektites also known as Cintamani stones from its only place in the world where its found. Each lot will contain 20-30 stones, and you can let us know if you prefer fewer larger pieces, or more smaller pieces.
Location: Arizona, United States
Size: 1.0-2.0 Centimeters long each
Weight: Each lot weighs 250 Carats (50 grams)

For quantity, you can contact us, we can do the following prices:
100 grams - $275
250 grams - $625
500 grams - $1150
1000 grams - $2000