Natural Emerald Tumbled Stone Silver Pendant from Brazil - 1.0" - 2.9 Grams

This is natural tumbled Emerald (green beryl) silver Pendant with small talc-carbonate inclusions and swirls of gray and black from Brazil.
Those born in May are lucky to have the beautiful Emerald as their birthstone ( Walter Schumann "Gemstones of the World"). It is also a traditional gift for those celebrating 20th or 35th anniversaries.
Emerald is untreated and not enhanced.
Location: Santa Terezinha, Brazil
Size: 2.6 x 1.4 x 0.7 Centimetres with Bail
Weight: 2.9 grams Combined

Interesting Fact: The word emerald is derived from the Greek word 'smaragdus' which means 'green gem'.
In the year 2011, an emerald pendant necklace owned by Elizabeth Taylor was sold for $6.5 million.
It is said that Nero, the emperor, used to watch gladiator matches through an emerald stone.