Quantum Quattro (Dioptase Chrysocola Malachite Shattuckite) Genuine Bracelet ~ 7 Inches ~ 8mm Round Matte Beads

You are bidding on a genuine Quantum Quattro bracelet made with 100% natural stones, which is a mix of Malachite, Dioptase, Chrysocola and Shattuckite. The beads are matte and round and strung on a top quality elastic. They measures 8mm in diameter. We make all the bracelets ourselves, here in Canada.

The stone is not included, it is there to show what the bracelet is made of strictly for display purpose.

We can adjust the length of our bracelets, but keep in mind, that although shortening them is no problem, lengthening depends on the availability of the particular gems. We can also customize the bracelets, and add other stones to our bracelets - just ask and we will be happy to help!

We have specialized in gemstones for over 40 years, and make sure to only deal with genuine minerals that we make our bracelets out of. As a teacher of Gemmology, I personally inspect and ensure that each bracelet is made from top quality stones.

Our stores objective is to offer bracelets from as many genuine crystals that we can get our hands on. We travel to all the major gem, mineral and jewelry shows around the world, and use our contacts we've had for decades to obtain the most unusual stones and beads which we use to make our products.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

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