Rare Gem Beads Collection! Lovely Natural Paraiba Copper Neon Blue Tourmaline Polished Asymmetrical Shaped Bead from Brazil - 34.7 Carats

An extremely rare genuine copper neon blue Paraiba Tourmaline polished asymmetrical shaped bead with a drilled hole 1mm through it.
This bead has a lovely mix of Blue Paraiba and Pink Tourmaline.
Blue color of Paraiba Tourmaline is cause by the trace element of Copper.
Location: Paraiba, Brazil
Size: 24 x 16 x 11mm
Weigh: 6.9 Grams Combined (34.7 Carats)

Interesting Fact: Paraiba Tourmaline is one of the most sought after varieties of Tourmaline. Some say it comes from other locations like Afghanistan, but TRUE Paraiba Tourmaline only comes from Brazil.