Real!! Very Rare Nuumite Nuummite Sterling Silver Ring from Greenland - 10.7 Grams - Size 9.5

This is a very rare Nuumite ring from its only locality in Greenland set in sterling silver. The stone is 2.8 x 1.5 cm.
Nuumite was discovered in 1982. It is very rare and is one of the oldest in the world at 3 billion years old. Nuumite is a name for a metamorphic rock with iridescent orthoamphiboles (Anthophyllite-Gedrite Series),
It has been covered in articles in the past few years and has become in high demand, especially in the metaphysical market.
Location: Godthabsfjnord, Nuuk, Greenland
Size: 9.5
Weight: 10.7 Grams

Interesting Fact: The name Nuummite which means "derived from Nuuk" in Greenlandic was given to the amphibolitic rock type which was found by the geologist Peter W. Uitterdijk Appel in 1982, near Nuuk (Godthåb). Appel considered first the name nuukite, but renamed it to Nuummite, which in Greenlandish means "from Nuuk". The government granted the company Nuummite Nuuk A/S, wholly owned by Nuuk commune an exploration concession for Nuumite in the Nuuk area, as well as permission to manufacture and sell Nummite jewelry. The company is based in Nuuk.
Nuumite is found in eight localities within 50 km of Nuuk, Greenland, all in orthoamphibolite pods within quartz-gneisses of the Akulleq terrane.