Russian Treasure from the Earth!! Enormous Well Formed Red Quartz Crystal Sphere From Russia from Dal'negorsk, Russia - 3.5" - 972 Grams

Stunning large rare Red Quartz with glossy luster Cluster Sphere from classic locality in Dal'negorsk, Russia. Groups of vivid deep red/orange color Quartz crystals, elongated intergrown, and forming very "sculptural" groups.
The red Quartz is partially covered by a second generation of white Quartz and sitting in wollastonite skarn with Hedenbergite and Sphalerite.
The orange - red color of the quartz is caused by microscopic hematite inclusions.
Location: Second Sovetskii Mine, 230↓, Dalnegorsk (Tetyukhe; Tjetjuche; Tetjuche)), Dalnegorsk Urban District, Primorsky Krai Russia
Size: 8.8 Centimeters diameter (3.5")
Weight: 972 Grams
Finds of this type of Quartz in Dalnegorsk were quite difficult. It is almost impossible to get such big and beautiful Sphere as this one. Largest sphere of this rare stone I have ever seen.

Interesting Fact: Dalnegorsk is famous mining region in eastern Russia, 300 km north east of Vladivostok. The name "Tetyukhe" (meaning "valley of the wild pigs") is the old Chinese name for Dalnegorsk and can be encountered on a few old mineral labels.
The Verkhnee deposit was first developed in 1912. Boron mineralization was prospected in 1945.

The region is comprised of 9 different deposits