Spider quartz!! Rare Hollandite in Quartz Crystal Silver Pendant from Madagascar - 1.3" - 8.1 Grams

This is a very nice terminated Quartz filled with Hollandite crystals silver pendant from Madagascar. Fine star Hollandite inclusions.
Among the numerous inclusions and varieties of quartz, barium and manganese oxide, called Hollandite, is one of the most unusual. In fact, these inclusions have the particularity of forming tiny grey to black stars that measure a few millimetres in diameter.
Quartz with inclusions of hollandite was discovered in Madagascar and was named "spider quartz" or "microstar" at the time. This quartz was renamed hollandite in honour of Sir Thomas Henry Holland (1868-1947), a famous geologist and British educational administrator.
The deposit being exhausted this quartz with inclusions has become a more and more hard to find collector's item.
Location: Itremo - District Ambatofinandrahama, Madagascar
Size: 3.3 x 1.7 x 1.5 Centimetres with bail
Weight: 8.1 Grams Combined