Stunning Natural Crazy Lace Agate Stones Necklace Earrings Bracelet Round 10mm Beads Set from Mexico

Genuine Crazy Lace Agate Stone Set: Round 10mm Beads Necklace, Dangle 925 Silver Leverback 10mm Earrings and stretch 10mm Bracelet from Mexico.
Crazy Lace Agate is an agate composed of multicolored twisting and turning bands.
Set is handmade and can be customized upon request.
Location: Chihuahua, Mexico
Size: Bracelet - 7'; Necklace - 19 with clasp"; Earrings - 4.0 Centimeter in length including leverback (1.6 inches)
Weight: 104.2grams
Grams Combined; necklace - 69grams; bracelet - 28grams; earrings - 7.2grams

Interesting Facts:
Crazy lace agate (also known as Mexican Agate) is young in comparison to many other minerals on Earth. Found exclusively within the area known as Chihuahua, in Northern Mexico, this lacy agate is known not only for its stunning banded patterns, but its powerful healing energies as well. Crazy lace agate is believed to have been created in the cretaceous period, about 65-90 million years ago.
Since it's only found in Mexico, crazy lace agate retains much of the energy of that area, in particular the tribal energies from ancient cultures that are still surrounded in mystery. There is evidence this agate was worn as an amulet by the earliest inhabitants of Mexico for endurance and courage in battle.