Very Rare White Cryolite 925 Silver Pendant from Greenland - 1.3" - 8.42 Grams

This is polished monograin white Cryolite with pearly luster 925 silver pendant from Greenland. Cryolite, or sodium aluminum fluoride (Na3AlF6), consists of 12.85 percent aluminum, 54.30 percent fluorine, and 32.85 percent sodium.
Cryolite is not only ice-like in appearance; its name, which stems from the Greek words kryos, or "ice," and lithos, or "stone," means "ice stone." Greenland's indigenous Inuit called cryolite "the ice that never melts."
It is rare, and its only significant deposit is located on the remote coast of Greenland.
Cryolite's sole commercial source is located at Ivittuut (formerly Ivigtut) on Arsuk Fiord on Greenland's southwest coast, where it occurs a top a granitic intrusion within a mineralogically complex pegmatite that is the type locality for cryolite and 16 other rare minerals.
Location: Ivittuut, Greenland
Size: 3.3 Centimeters long with bail
Weight: 8.42 Grams Combined