Can we combine items in an order to save on shipping?
Yes, whether you purchase 1 item or 100 items, you will pay one shipping cost! All rates are flat.

Do you have a catalog?
This website as well as our gallery is the best catalog we have. Because our inventory is so varied and so many of the items we carry are one-of-a-kind it is just impossible to put it in print. If you can visit that is the best way to see what we have. We are working very hard to give you a sampling of what we have in the store. Some areas will have a lot of variety while other areas have a few. But check back often you will see us grow.

Do you only sell Russian Minerals?
NO! We started the business in 1996 and started off dealing with only minerals from the former Soviet Union. Now we specialize in minerals and jewelry from every corner of our beautiful planet, while of course maintaining our specialty in minerals from Russia.

Can we make special requests?
Absolutely! If there is anything you are looking for, let us know. We have over 500 varieties of minerals in raw and in jewelry/carvings. There is a high chance we have it and haven't been able to post it on our website yet, or if we do not have it, we will do our best to find it for you within a reasonable time frame.

How can we find out more detailed information about your products?
We understand that our descriptions are limited. We are highly skilled professionals and know our products very well. Let us know if you have any specific questions regarding any of our products, and we will personally respond to any inquiries.

Can we make offers?
If you would like to make an offer for a specific item or for a number of products, contact us with your offer details. We consider all reasonable offers and respond to all of them accordingly!

Can we pick our purchased items up in person?
Yes you can! Let us know in advance that you will be picking it up, and we will bring it to our store in Centerpoint Mall within a day or two. You will not have to pay shipping costs.

How can you guarantee your items are authentic?
We have been dealing around stones our whole lives. We get our stones and jewelry from reliable sources who we know very well and being gemologists and mineralogist/geologist in the business helps us separate the real stuff from the rest!

How are items shipped?
Most orders are shipped out as regular air parcels with Canada Post and USPS. We can also ship express mail and insure the packages, but due to weights and distances shipping rates can vary. Your best option is to contact us to find out specific options for your order. See our "Shipping and Return" section for more details.

Why should I join the Mailing List?
When I update the site with more interesting and fascinating products or when we run a special you will get an email. Please join our mailing list!

What if the item I am interested in is sold?
Although no 2 items are ever the same, let us know what it is you missed out on, and if we have something similar we can email you the pictures as well as descriptions - you never know, maybe it will be even nicer.

What is your return policy?
We know that not everyone likes what they see, and it is difficult to express the stones at 100% via photos. Items can be returned in the same packaging with their labels within 14 days of receiving your order. We would appreciate a phone call or an email letting us know that you are returning the item. You will receive a full refund less shipping/handling charges.  

Is your shopping cart secure?
Yes, the credit card information is collected through a secure, encrypted (SSL) connection.

Can I call my order in?
We do understand that some customers are not comfortable with sending in credit card information via internet. So, you can make your order by calling us with your credit card information, which we will be able to process manually. Contact us for more information. 

Are you ever closed?
Our website is always open, and we always try to respond to any questions the same day they are asked. Our store is open during regular mall hours.

Do we buy collections?
Yes, we do! If you have something you want to sell, let us know and we can discuss it in more details.