About us

The Global Stone is a family business that has its roots go back to the 1970's in Soviet Union. My name is Mike Petrov, and I am the son of gemologist Elena Petrova, and mineralogist Valeri Petrov. The Global Stone as a company opened in 1996, a year after we came to Canada, and is now one of the largest mineral and jewelry businesses in Canada specializing in minerals - including rare, aesthetics, thumbnails and the standards - fossils, meteorities and genuine precious and semi-precious stones set in jewelry. We strive to provide the most authentic material to our customers, who value our honesty and knowledge in the wonderful field of minerals and gems. We hand pick our products from suppliers from all around the world to bring the highest quality and most aesthetic minerals as well as exclusive jewelry and unique gifts. Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our customers, and help them fulfill their collections, find that perfect gifts or simply treat themselves to something special. Majority of our stones come directly from the mines during our travels throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia, and we have contacts on all continents acquiring our stones from the miners, not from middle-men, so we keep our prices low due to that. In 2010 we opened a large gallery in northern Toronto displaying stones and jewelry with over 500 varieties of minerals available priced from $1 to over $10,000. We continue to go to trade shows throughout the world (including the big ones in Tucson, Denver, Munich and Saint Marie Aux Mines), and have been growing on the internet through our numerous stores on Etsy, Amazon and eBay. Our clients currently come from over 90 countries, including individuals, universities such as UofT, Brock University, University of Manitoba University of Colorado and Sao Paulo University, as well as Museums such as Royal Ontario Museum, Yekaterinburg mining Museum, Smithsonian and Fersman Museum in Moscow, Russia.

Mike Petrov
I have been around rocks for longer than I can possibly remember. I was so passionate about minerals from an early age that I would sneak into my parent's collection, break off a small crystal from one of the specimens and put it into my 'collection'. Now how many 5-year olds do you know that do that? Of course, my collecting tactics have changed, and I now travel the world in search for the best material I can find. I was formerly an accountant, working in a big 4 firm, however my passion for stones didn't keep me there long. As of 2011 I work full time in the company and wake up each day thankful to be around what I love - minerals. I am now a certified gemologist with the CGA and love helping people identify their treasures and making sure that what we sell is genuine - which is so important in today's society that is so sadly loaded with so many counterfeits, synthetics and treated stones. I offer certificates of authenticity and appraisals for both our products as well as items people bring it to get identified and appraised. I also teach gemology at the Canadian Gemological Association.

Elena Petrova
Elena was born to a family that has achieved a lot in Soviet Union's progress in the field of geology as well as mineralogy. With such rich a background, Elena graduated from Sverdlovsk Mining Institute in Ural, Russia, and worked for UralQuartzSamozveti Corporation doing geological surveys of deposits of both precious and semi-precious stones. Today, Elena is a well-respected certified Gemologist with the Canadian Gemological Association. Elena is a big driving force in the growth of our company, and with her knowledge and expertise, you will often find lineups of people at our gallery waiting to get her opinion on stones, jewelry and fashion. 

Valeri Petrov
Valeri - or Val - fell in love with rocks when he was a teenager walking the railway tracks in his home country of Moldova and picking any cool looking rocks that would grab his attention. At 18, Valeri moved to Urals in Russia, and graduated Sverdlovsk Mining Institute. For 25 years, he travelled all over Soviet Union compiling both educational collections for Institutes and Museums as well as finding rare and unique minerals for private collectors, museums, and of course himself. Today Valeri, has people from all around the world reaching out to him for experienced advice on rock formations, crystallography, and identification of rare minerals from all corners of the planet, and most would argue his knowledge of mineralogy of the former Soviet Union is exceptional. Valeri has numerously corrected mineral labels either of names or localities of top world-class collectors and dealers and even museums.

Now we finally can bring our store to your house, so enjoy the site and if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us!