4.56 Billion Years Old Meteorite!!. Muonionalusta Meteorite Round Ball Silver Pendant from Sweden - 0.7"

This is round with small ball Pendant set in 925 Silver and contains a slice of Muonionalusta meteorite, acid-etched to bring out the details of its crystal structure, and sealed with a protective epoxy to prevent rusting and wear.
The meteorite exhibits an exceptional iron-nickel crystal structure called a Widmanstätten pattern, which only becomes apparent after the meteorite is sliced and acid-etched. The crystal pattern makes each slice from this meteorite unique and uniquely beautiful - a four billion year old gem of the early solar system!"
It was discovered in 1906, and fell about 1 million years ago. This Meteorite is aged about 4.56 Billion years old, and is considered the older Meteorite ever found on Earth.
Location: Norbotten, Sweden
Size: 1.7 x 0.9 x 0.6 centimeters long
Weight: 1.5 Grams combined