Ammolite Amolite Silver Pendant From Alberta Canada - 1.1" - 3.82 Grams

Spectacular Ammolite 925 Silver Pendant from its only locality in Alberta, Canada. Ammolite has a strong iridescence and pleasing pattern of color - bright green with fire orange mosaic-like.
Ammolite is in very short supply and once the diggings area are exhausted, there is no other known commercially viable gem quality material deposits known to exist.
Location: Alberta, Canada.
Size: 2.7 x 1.4 x 0.6 Centimeters with bail
Weight: 3.82 Grams

Made in Canada.

Interesting Fact: Ammolite is a trade name for the iridescent, nacreous layer of the shell of specific fossil ammonites found in the Bearpaw Formation of Late Cretaceous age. Other less-frequently used trade names for Ammolite are "Calcenite" and "Korite." It is also known simply as "ammonite shell." Ammolite is one of the few new natural gem materials to enter the marketplace in the last 50 years.