Chandrakanta Moonstone!! Set of Three Natural Glow from Inside Moonstone Free Form Bead Necklace - 18'' Each

This is a set of three mysterious Moonstone chokers bead necklaces from Brazil.
Each necklace is 18" long and made from irregular shape free form nugget polished beads measure up to 9 mm.
Moonstones are technically known as an Orthoclase Feldspar. Moonstone bead displays the shimmer and gleam known as adularescence.
In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, it was called Chandrakanta, meaning 'beloved of the moon'. This gem is like frozen moonbeams filled with joyful spirits.
Moonstone is the birthstone for the month of June, alongside the Pearl and Alexandrite.
The color is fully natural.
Location: Southern India
Average Strand Size: 46 Centimetre with clasp
Average Strand Weight: 26.7 grams
Closure: Lobster claw clasp
You will get a set similar to the ones in the pictures.