Cute Small Natural Peridot (Olivine) Stud Earrings In Sterling Silver from Pakistan - 0.7"

This is a very nice cute small raw genuine Peridot Olivine (a variety of Forsterite) "Evening Emerald" stud earrings set in sterling silver.
It is in great condition, and has natural, untreated color.
Chemically, Peridot ((transparent gem variety of Olivine)) is an iron magnesium silicate and its intensity of colour depends on the amount of iron it contains. The best colors of peridot generally contain about 10-15% of iron.
Peridot serves as a birthstone for the month of August.
Location: Sapat Gali, Naran, Kaghan Valley, Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
Size: 1.8 Centimeters long
Weight: 1.3 Grams total

The earrings you receive will be similar but not identical to the photo.