Extremely Rare Natural Maw Sit Sit Round Raw Piece from Myanmar 3.0"

This is extremely rare genuine Maw Sit Sit raw piece from Myanmar. Maw Sit Sit (also known as jade-albite) has bright, emerald-green color and distinctive dark-green to blackish veins.
Maw Sit Sit made of kosmochlor, chromian jadeite, chromian eckermannite, chromian albite, and other materials. It is sometimes referred to as a variety of jadeite, but strictly speaking, maw-sit-sit is not jadeite, though it contains jadeite and is mined in the same area as imperial jadeite.
Maw Sit Sit is not enhanced or untreated in any way.
Location: Northern Burma (Myanmar)
Size: 7.5 x 3.1 x 1.7 Centimeter
Weight: 38.8 Grams