Extremely Rare Raw Gem Green Kornerupine Silver Pendant Crystal From Tanzania - 2.43 Grams - 0.8"

An extremely rare rough green Kornerupine silver pendant crystal from Tanzania.
Location: Tanga, Tanzania
Size: 2.1 Centimeters with bail
Weight: 2.43 Grams combined

Interesting Fact: Dark brown kornerupines were first found in Greenland. While some rare small pieces have been found in Canada, Madagascar, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, nearly all vanadium-bearing and chromium-bearing kornerupine comes from a single deposit in Tanga, Tanzania, located on a reserve. Commercial mining is prohibited, and locals with mining rights will only very rarely attempt to dig material.
Kornerupine can also be identified by its long prismatic crystal forms, which is how it earned its trade name of 'prismatine'.