Helenite Gaia Stone Gem Sterling Silver Ring From Washington - Size 7

A fine genuine facetted Helenite sterling silver ring, also known as Gaia Stone. Beautiful cut and a top quality stone.
Location: Mt. St. Helens, Washington State, United States
Size: 7
Weight: Helenite is 2.8 Carats, total weight is 3.2grams

Helenite is gemstone created from the volcanic rock of Mount. St. Helens, Washington. The volcano erupted on May 18, 1980, ejecting igneous rock from 10-20 miles underground. Helenite is made by fusing this material at 2700 degree F, which were facet and polish. The composition of Helenite includes Si - 60.5%; Al - 16.6%; Ca - 5.36%, and other elements. Helenite comes in forestgreen and Swiss blue.

Helenite is made from naturally - occurring material and fused in the USA.