Kazakhstan Treasure from the Earth!! Very Rare Large Dioptase Egg From Altyn Tyube, Kazakhstan - 2.4"

Rare vivid emerald green gemmy Dioptase egg from Altyn-Tyube Deposit in Kazakhstan. This Egg polished and has rough open natural cavities with tiny sparling crystals.
Dioptase is colorful, brightly lustrous and sparkle in the light.
Very lovely and unusual!
Location: Altyn-Tyube, near Karaganda, Karaganda Oblast, Kazakhstan
Size: 6.2 x 4.3 Centimeters
Weight: 201.3 Grams

Interesting Fact: Altyn Tyube translates as 'Golden Hill' in the Kazakh language. Dioptase was first described from Altyn Tyube, the type locality for dioptase, in the nineteenth century. Altyn Tyube is a remarkable deposit in the Steppes, far from everywhere. It was first worked for copper thousands of years B.C., and it is interesting to note that there are very few copper minerals at the locality - dioptase with occasional minor malachite and cuprite (it forms as a secondary mineral in the oxidized zone of copper sulfide mineral deposits). This copper based mineral forms small rhombohedral crystals, typically less than 0.75 cm in length.
It is popular with mineral collectors due to it's vibrant color and it is occasionally cut into small emerald-like gems.