Lot of Five Mix Apophylite Stilbite Quartz Crystals From India

This is a really nice lot of five Apophyllite Stilbite with lustrous, transparent crystals that are well-formed from India.
Location: Jalgaon, India
Average Stone Size: 4.4 x 4.0 x 1.0 Centimetres
Average lot Weight: 155 grams Combined
The color, size and weight of stone may vary from set to set due to each pendant being hand made from natural material. The lot you receive will be similar but not identical to the photo.

Interesting Facts: The English name Stilbite is from the Greek "Stilbein" which means "to shine" due to the wonderful luster of this mineral. Apophyllite, whose name roughly means "to leaf apart" in Greek, is a mineral classic. It was given its name because crystals tend to peel or flake apart when they are heated due to the loss of water molecules.