Sperrylite Crystals On Matrix From Norilsk Russia - 1.3" - 20+ Crystals

Here is an very rare Sperrylite specimen with large crystals sitting on Chalcopyrite (gold color). Sperrylite is one of the most valued metallic minerals on the market, with specimens the size of a couple breadcrumbs often going for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Sperrylite is valued for its rarity, size, and large amount of platinum that makes up the mineral - about 60% of it, and Arsenic makes up the other 40%. Norilsk, Russia has produced some great specimens in the past. This specimen has more than 20 crystals measuring up to 4mm long, which is very impressive for this mineral.

Location: Norrilsk, Russia Size: 3.2 x 2.3 x 1.1 Centimeters Weight: 20 Grams